How many levels in cartoon wars

how many levels in cartoon wars

Found this in TA Forum about Cartoon Wars - Gunner guide so I shall post here. Warriors are the first units you have available in Cartoon Wars. the enemy with enough of them is a clever tactic that can help you through the first levels. This page contains the list of all units from every Cartoon Wars game. Strengths: Strongest spam unit, can stall time at extremely high levels, extremely -Golem (Veteran Golem, S-Golem) - The S-Golem is much more vulnerable to the bow.

How many levels in cartoon wars - beachten ist

Recent blog posts Forum Templates News. Amazing Alex Angry Birds Angry Birds Go! If you use this strategy, try to pick units like Warriors early in the game , Ninjas a small amount of time later , Gunners around level 15 and beyond. Cartoon Wars 2 Edit There are also several strategies in CW2. We are the largest site dedicated to iPhone and iPod Touch gaming. It is nearly impossible to give an un-biased judgement on which of these optional ones is the best, so try them all out and choose which works for you. Equivalent to Armed Helicopter, but is more accurate. Strategy 1, Mastering the Bow: Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Dont wait till you beat the level or until you die cuz then you just wasted like a lot more gold you top handy apps earn. Contact us Advertise Get PG on how many levels in cartoon wars


Cartoon Wars - All Troops Unlocked!!! [Part1] lvl 1-15 (Jailbroken ios device via iApcracker)